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The Overstory – Group Show

Trees grow on the roof of our gallery. They are so mighty and beautiful and vulnerable, but we hardly ever pay enough attention to them. We don’t look up, we look down. The most beautiful works of art in our gallery are the beeches, plane trees and yews on its roof. They are our permanent exhibits. We dedicate the title of our first exhibition to them. With OVERSTORY (german: blätterdach), the newly founded modern animals gallery introduces itself to a Zurich audience.

The Overstory with Daan Couzijn, Lea Luzifer, Marie Matusz, Ramon Hungerbühler, Roman Gysin, Samuel Bron, Sian Costello, Simon Gromic, Tore Wallert, and Vivek Mathur. 

THE OVERSTORY: January 13–February 23, 2023

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